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Apartaments Roses is a company specializing in real estate service in the Bay of Roses called Costa Brava . You find us in the main street of the urbanization of Santa Margarita, focusing deeper into the marketing of the areas of Roses and Santa Margarida Empuriabrava.

In our portfolio we have a big variety of products, most of these are apartments.

Among our services is the management, sale, purchase, lease, construction and reform of all types of buildings.

With Apartaments Roses you have a security guarantee, because we invested in advertising, your property will always be visible in our showcases. Web and other media, we have a knowledge of the market and its prices, arrange the sale and rental from beginning to end, we took care of all arrangements in the council, notary, property registration, suppliers (water, electricity, etc.). You always get a friendly and personified in many languages, we will help you assess your property and inform you of the various stages of the sale, rental, budget reform, without obligation or cost to you


We present the best selection of our properties or it will look as we work closely with other partner agencies, comparing prices and quality services to help you find the best property.

Be informed of all costs is the annual property tax on real estate (IBI). Community residents (should check that they have been paid before signing), was verified in the records of the property if the deed is free of charge, obtaining a simple note to date.

Once you decide to purchase, shall make a deposit fee, which usually is around 10% of the value of the property you wish to purchase, there be sure that the property is not sold to another person.

Then the appropriate person to draft a private contract, which had been left out of the purchase.

Come the day agreed to sign the real estate agent to accompany him to a notary establishing the title of the property. You will also receive the total payment to the seller who signed both the delivery of the property.

With this, the transaction is completed. Immediately fax the notary to register the details of the local property notarized, reporting and preventing the new owner might be making a second sale of the property. Receive a single copy of the certified notary and two or three months later he delivered the original.

Roses Apartamets handle all changes made on behalf of public services, utilities and community.


If the property you are buying is a resale will have to pay the property transfer tax is 7% of the purchase price stated in writing.

  • * If a field or the local commercial rate is 16%
  • * If the property is new construction must pay 7% VAT
  • * Beyond that is to have approximately 1500 € fees, registration and subscription management service. This calculation is performed by a lawyer or a manager.
  • * The surplus by law must pay the seller so you should be retained.
  • * If you are not Spanish must requiere a NIE (foreigner identification number) without this document may not be making the purchase. Apartaments Roses will help you with the details of this formality.


Apartaments Roses-handle to make the best advertising for your property is always visible in both windows, Web page and other advertising media. We'll help you assess the current price of your property.

To do that, the signing of a term of sale (at any time has to be unique, so you have the freedom to sell on their own).

The data required to fill in this form are: The agency's owner, address and description of the property, references to register property, price to be paid by the seller, the agency commission will be added to the price the seller. Eventually need to make some photos of your property, to make advertising at its best.

As soon as a buyer, you sign a reservation which is well specified the following: Description of property registration and referral data, buyer and seller, the advance of the reservation of which you will receive all or a portion thereof, for a maximum term writing final sale purchase.

Apartment-Roses are responsible for organizing all the necessary documentation for the sale, arrange the date of signature and go to the banks if there are mortgages cancel. Once on notice not to sign the sale upon receipt of the final total of your money.

Expenses: It should be clear the municipal tax IBI.

* The "value" is a tax charged by the municipality, based on the particular area in which the property is located at the ground surface, and the rateable value on the date of the notary before.

* If you are not Spanish, by law you will have a deduction of three percent of the purchase price. This calculation is performed by a lawyer or a manager. Apartaments Roses deal-making changes of water, electricity, gas etc. the name of the new owner.

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